Top 6 solutions to Increase Game FPS

Why is FPS important?

Take a look at the FPS comparison below between 30Hz and 60Hz. Low frame rates have a substantial impact on video performance and quality. Even though it’s CS GO, the suggested game FPS is 60 fps or greater, which ensures seamless gameplay.

The following are the top 6 ways to boost your game’s frame rate:-

Solution 1: Use One-Click FPS Booster:

Smart Game Booster is a one-click solution for monitoring and increasing FPS without the need to upgrade your graphics card or other hardware. The “BOOST” button will help you release more RAM and swiftly halt superfluous processes, allowing you to improve your game’s FPS and overall gaming experience. To preserve your hardware equipment, it will also monitor and adjust the temperature of your CPU and GPU in real-time.

Solution 2: Update Outdated Graphics Driver:

One of the most significant prerequisites for increasing game speed and maximizing gaming performance is to have a good graphics driver. A PC game’s presentation is influenced by an outdated graphics driver, especially when it requires high settings. You can check the condition of your graphics driver and update it for better performance to raise your game FPS.

  • Unfold “Display Adapter” in Device Manager.
  • Update the graphics driver by right-clicking it.
  • You may also use Smart Game Booster to update an out-of-date graphics or audio driver in a single click.

Solution 3: Disk Defrag:

Defragmentation collects and reassembles all of the data fragments that are scattered over your hard drive. Disk defragmentation aids in the reorganization of your hard disk space for improved gaming performance. To effortlessly defrag your hard disk and enhance game speed, follow the procedures below.

  • Right-click “Local Disk C” and choose “Properties”.
  • Optimize your drives to make it run smoother.

Solution 4: Set the Power Option:

To acquire as many frames per second as feasible, you’ll need to choose the right power option. You can adjust your power option to “high performance” under Windows settings.

  • Click on Power Options after opening the Control Panel and typing “power options” in the upper right corner.
  • Balanced is the default setting (recommended). Make certain you select High Performance.

Solution 5: Disable CPU core Parking:

Based on the current power policy and their recent consumption, CPU core parking selects a selection of processors that should remain idle and not run any threads. Follow these methods to see if all of the CPU cores are active.

  • On the keyboard, press the “Win+R” keys together and type “msconfig.”
  • Select the Advanced option under Boot and a maximum number of CPUs.
  • Finish the settings by pressing “OK.”

Solution 6: Windows Performance Settings:

Windows settings can also help you improve PC performance by boosting game FPS and speed. To improve FPS, update your Windows performance settings using the procedures below.

  • Select “My Computer” from the Windows start menu.
  • Click “Properties” on the right-clicked blank area in the opened window.
  • Uncheck all items in the Performance section of “Advanced System Settings.”
  • Your gaming performance will greatly increase as a result of this.

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