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FPS is a term used to describe frames per second This is how video, i.e. games, work. The term “video” refers to a series of images that create the illusion of motion when watched at a specified speed. “Frame” is the name given to each of these photos.

The video information we watch on a regular basis isn’t actually moving. They are, in reality, still photographs that play one after another. When a video is shot at 24 frames per second, it is played back at 24 frames per second. Depending on a variety of other circumstances, they evolve at varying rates across mediums.

The video’s speed deceives your brain into believing it is viewing smooth motion.


When gaming or watching a film, our FPS Test seeks to demonstrate the difference between lower and higher framerates.

The number of tests and the speed of the slideshow are also options. The variations in frame rates should become more obvious as you increase the speed. If you have a 144Hz screen, a comparison of 144Hz, 72Hz, and 36Hz will be displayed by default. Other frame rates will be added to the FPS test as you add more tests.

On Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, this test supports up to 240 Hz on Chrome, 240 Hz on Firefox, and 60 Hz on Internet Explorer. The maximum frame rate is determined by the refresh rate of your monitor and the capability of your browser.

But why is it that the frame rate decreases?

Frame rates have been an issue for the majority of players. The majority of the time, a game is enjoyable until your character enters an urban region or a complex location. The view starts to resemble a slideshow. When you spin the camera quickly, things get a little choppy, and moving elements like banners and hair move less smoothly.

If one of the components in the chain malfunctions (for example, the CPU instructing your GPU to render a large number of objects at once), the computer will draw fewer frames per second. The lower frame rate could be caused by non-optimized code, errors, or game settings that put more strain on your system than it can handle.

There are multiple reasons for FPS drop during gameplay, including:

  • Driver issue.
  • GPU/CPU overheating.
  • Improper in-game settings.
  • Background processes.
  • Malware/virus infection.


● What is the definition of FPS?

FPS (Frames Per Second) is a numerical representation of the number of times per second a picture, a view of a game, or a movie is displayed on your screen (unit Hertz). A higher frame rate means a more fluid viewing experience. However, not all monitors support high refresh rates, and not all computers can handle video or games at a fast enough frame rate to achieve high frames per second.

● What factors influence my frame rate?

Several factors influence your computer’s frame rate. The most essential factor affecting your FPS is the processing capability of your computer (CPU and GPU). Your computer’s monitor, on the other hand, can only support a 60 Hz refresh rate if you have a strong computer that supports high FPS. You won’t be able to take advantage of your powerful machine to its maximum potential. Even if your computer is capable of producing 300 frames per second of games, your monitor can only display 60 of those frames. That is why a powerful computer and a suitable display with a high frame rate are required.

Another factor that impacts FPS is the use of out-of-date drivers. With automated driver updating software like DriverBooster, you can update all of your drivers at once.

● How many frames per second can the human eye see?

Up to 12 pictures can be processed per second by the human eye. A greater number of images are seen as moving or moving. Most people consider computer screens to be steady when they have a refresh rate of over 50 Hz, but in competitive gaming, greater refresh- and framerates are visible.

● What is the difference between greater and lower frames per second (FPS)?

Higher frames per second (FPS) will appear smoother, whereas lower frames per second (FPS) will appear choppy or sluggish. A high frame rate gives you a substantial competitive advantage over other players who are using a lower frame rate.

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